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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 13-13

Well, just as well it isn't a Friday, with a sketch number like that... Thirteen might be unlucky for some, but it's a good number for me, and lots of thirteens happen in my life. If I drop a pile of things, there will be thirteen in the pile, or thirteen left in my hands; if I pick a random number of flowers or grab a handful of napkins, there will be thirteen, 99.9% of the time. It's spooky. My husband reckons we should have been writing them all down all these years, but of course, we didn't. Pity, it probably would have been a fun (if a little weird) read by now.

Anyway, the thirteenth sketch of the year is a good one, I hope you will agree. I managed to make a little dog! I must admit to being fairly impressed with myself for that. I only have a few basic shapes to work with in my program and I am not really very techy at all, so I am always thrilled when I manage to make something interesting.

Lots of scope for nice papers and things here too. Have fun!

And for our younger scrappers, a smaller, simpler version: 

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 12-13

I wonder how many pages you've managed this year? Is it a good scrappy year for you, or one you'd rather had more time? Time is such a big factor in our pursuit of pleasure and creativity - there is never enough of it. I wish I could have a maid or something... hmm, maybe a maid, a cook, a gardener, an odd jobs person, a secretary and a nanny. That might make a dent in the backlog of things I "should" be doing. Then I could just play... and live in a little cottage with roses around the door, uh huh.. yep, dreaming, lol. It's fun to dream though. ;-)

Oh well, let's dream about getting this layout done today. All you really need is a couple of photos, three circles and some pretties - that should be easy enough for me and you to do, don't you think? I have still to do any of the sketches from this year - eeek! Must do something about that...

And of course the smaller version for our young scrappers. 

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 11-13

Hello :-) Another lovely day in sunny Brisbane, and another lovely sketch for you to play with. A nice girly one today, although, of course, you can swap out the flowers for something like stars, hearts, cogs or something to change the look of it. Do what suits your photos and your stash! I am all about using what you have.

And the kiddos haven't been forgotten, here is a simpler and smaller version that should be fun for younger people.

Have a lovely week and some happy scrapping.

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 10-13

A double, as promised :-) You can also break it up for two separate layouts if you want to. I've tried to make it work as singles, as well as a pretty fun double.

I often have several photos from one shoot. I just go clickity click a few times and hope at least one will be a good shot when nobody is blinking or (bane of my photo shoots) talking, lol. In these days of digital cameras, clicking is pretty cheap! So if you have more than four, or some landscape orientation photos, use some 3x4s in there too.

And a smaller version for the young ones:

Remember to share your work in the linkie thing on the side if you do a page, I love seeing what people do with my efforts.

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..
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