Hello and welcome to Scrappy Sketches. There will be a new sketch every week to inspire your creativity for scrapbooking and cardmaking. I hope to encourage you to use your scrap stash in fabulously beautiful ways. Enjoy.

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was a photo. It was a nice photo, worth saving. It lay in an envelope in a drawer - safe, but kind of forgotten. Time passed, things changed, the photo remained. When it was brought out to the light, it was admired and questions were asked about it. Stories came forth and they needed to be written down, saved for all the other people who might come along and want to know.

In the process of saving our treasured memories and the story of our lives and the lives of the people we love, we often need some inspiration and new ideas for making pretty. I plan to help with that, by giving you some sketches and other ideas every month that will hopefully inspire your creativity to flow, blossom, explode - whichever one you prefer! All you have to do is bring your photos, your scrap stash and your imagination - even if it's a bit soft around the edges. Just come and see what the possibilities are. Have fun.  :-)

Oh, and just a wee note about my work:

All my sketches and other ideas belong to me, Heather Waldron, and I claim the right to be known as the designer and creator. You may not claim them as your original designs. I know it's a dog eat cat world at times, but not here, we're friends, OK? You are more than welcome to use any of my designs for your creative endevours for your own personal use. If you want to share, please link back to me - the more people who come and join the fun the better.

Thanks heaps, love Heather x
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