Hello and welcome to Scrappy Sketches. There will be a new sketch every week to inspire your creativity for scrapbooking and cardmaking. I hope to encourage you to use your scrap stash in fabulously beautiful ways. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 22-13

Week 22 already... this year is just zooming by, it won't be long and we will be half way there! Time to seriously consider all those things we were going to do this year and wonder if they will actually be achieved, lol. I think I need to start over... or work really hard in the remaining weeks... (What's that you say, procrastination isn't really my friend, she's just using me? Oh no... but she's so... friendly!)

So anyway, I have a great little sketch for you this week, one that could be quite masculine or quite feminine, young or older, depending on your papers and chosen embellishments. You could jazzy up the background paper with texture paste or stamping, misting or paint, or use a paper that already has a lot going on. Or maybe go plain and just let your photo do the talking. I think it would work for vintage and for bright and modern equally well. I hope you like it.

Next week I have a double page ready to go, so you can use up some of those multi-shots you have. :-)

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 21-13

Today we are a sad household. My daughter's friend died last night at the tender age of 15, so I would like to dedicate this sketch to her memory. I don't mean to bring you down, but I do want to remind you that we are all blessed to have people to love in our lives. Now and then we need a little reminder to step back from the daily grind and just appreciate each and every person who touches our lives.

Tiarna's Sketch has a random patchwork of colourful papers in the background - or maybe some lines of stitching for a change - and a cute bouquet of flowers.

And a smaller version especially for my little friends.

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not-quite-so Mid Week Sketch 20-13

Yes, I know, late again... I am sure you know that life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, it did for me this week. Again... lol.

Hope you like this week's sketch, it's a nice easy one really, and will give you the chance to be a little creative with a pretty tag and maybe add a little stamping or texture paste or something to the background down the right hand side. I'd love to see what you come up with.

And a cute little number for our younger set - hope you like it :-)

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 19-13

Hello all, I hope your week is humming along nicely and without dramas - or at least, without dramas you can't handle. We all have our share of everyday dramas after all.

I have a fun sketch for you this week, that leaves plenty of background to showcase some fun techniques like masking or stamping or just generally grunging up in some way, but also has plenty going on in front. You don't have to use cupcakes for your embellishments of course. Do whatever suits your photos from what you have in stash - get that stash used! I hope you like it.

 It's a fun one for our younger set to enjoy as well, and I am reliably informed that there are several young scrappers out there that love having their own sketches. I would love to see your work sometime, please share so we can all see how clever you are.

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mid Week Sketch 18-13

Oh gosh, it's Friday night! How did that happen? Ooopsie, sorry people, I've lost some time somewhere this week. If anyone sees it, please send it home again, lol. The funny/annoying thing is that I had the sketches done in advance. Anyway, here they are, the big one and the little one.There is plenty of space above the setting on this design for you to use either a patterned paper or get busy with some painting or inking techniques and show off your skills. Have fun :-)

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary..
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