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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mid Week Sketch 10-12

Mid week again - there's nothing like a regular once a week event to make you realise that we are slipping through the year - March already! For me in Australia, that means it's officially Autumn, although it might take a while to actually feel like it in Brisbane. It doesn't matter, every season is good for creativity, and there is always something to inspire the juices to flow, no matter what the weather.

My sketch this week is for 2 landscape orientation photos, or for one large portrait photo. Or maybe 4 smaller ones... I used two that were taken when my son came for Christmas, although as you can see, I didn't opt for Christmassy colours at all :-)

Hope you like my sketch. Come back next week for another one :-)

love Heather x ..always be a little kinder than necessary.

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